Information about Markets in Financial Instruments Regulations for private individuals.

Which information will the bank report?

The bank will report information about the customer and any third party authorised by the same (particularly asset managers). This includes the first name, surname and date of birth as well as an identification number dependent on the nationality.

Who will the bank report this information to?

Z├╝rcher Kantonalbank will provide the customer information required by MiFIR to the relevant European trading venue. The trading venue then forwards the complete information to the supervisory authority responsible.

Examples: (not exhaustive)

Nationality Identification number
Austria, Germany, France, Hungary, Ireland and Luxembourg No identification number necessary
Switzerland Passport number
Italy Codice fiscale
Spain Tax identification number (TIN)
Poland Identification number (PESEL) or tax number (Numer identyfikacji podatkowej)
Iceland Identification number (Kennitala)
Estonia Identification number (Isikukood)
Malta Identification number or passport number
All nationalities outside the European Economic Area  Passport number

Last updated: January 2018