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Our philosophy

Our goal is to make the contents of our website available in such a way that every user can easily find and use the information they are looking for. This is reflected in every aspect of our website. Our "barrier-free" Internet facility can therefore be used by most people regardless of physical, sensory or technical limitations.


Awarded AA certification by the "Access for all" foundation

Since 2007, we have been systematically applying the guidelines for barrier-free web content, and in May 2014 our https://www.zkb.chexternal link opens new page domain was once again awarded AA (WCAG 2.0) certification by the "Access for all" foundation.

More information: Access for allexternal link opens new page (Source "Access for all").

Access keys

To make it easier and faster to access important web pages, the following key combinations have been defined:

  • 0 = Go directly to start page
  • 1 = Go directly to main navigation
  • 2 = Go directly to site map
  • 3 = Go directly to contact page
  • 5 = Go directly to search tool
  • 7 = Go directly to accessibility page


Some external contents, e.g. certain modules, services and links, and the "BörsenTrend" video are not yet completely accessible. This is also the case with other websites of Zürcher Kantonalbank that are not operated under the https://www.zkb.chexternal link opens new page domain:


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