Renovation in Zurich: 53 tonnes of CO2 saved, 450 m2 of living space gained

Zürcher Kantonalbank Asset Management has expanded an existing residential property in the city of Zurich and improved its sustainability.

Text: Martin Bernhard

Michael Pfyl and Markus Ott present more insights in the video.

The residential property is centrally located at Engweg 1+3. The renewal and extension project was carried out while the building remained occupied.

The two attached multi-family houses were built in 1982 as a three-storey building with a flat roof and there was a great need for renovation in the medium term prior to the complete modernisation project. On the one hand, the construction work included the complete renovation of the buildings and areas. Kitchens, bathrooms, technical systems and utility lines, corridors and lifts as well as windows and facades were also modernised or refreshed.

In addition, the property was extended by one floor. As a result, the supply of housing was expanded by a total of six premium apartments or around 450 square metres of rentable space.

A sustainable building

Thanks to the new building insulation and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, the property's annual energy consumption has been cut by around two thirds. This saves around 53 tonnes of CO2 per year. For comparison: a petrol engine with an average consumption of six litres per 100 kilometres could circumnavigate the world more than five times with this saving (calculated using: myclimate). 

Moreover, a photovoltaic system was installed on the roof. The garage is ready for electric car charging stations.


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