Fotokite - "unleashed" tethered drones

The tethered drones from Zurich-based tech start-up Fotokite are used by fire brigades and police forces around the world. This success is the result of tireless teamwork. With fresh capital, the Swisscanto Growth Fund portfolio company is now rising to the next level.

Fotokite CEO Bart Slager launches a drone. Nils Granath (left) and Oliver Huggenberger (right), both from the private equity team at Zürcher Kantonalbank Asset Management.

Patented technology, a scalable business model, a team with optimally complementary skills and the necessary capital - that is the mixture for successful company growth. This fully applies to the ETH spin-off founded in 2014. Its wired flying robots, also known as tethered drones, now support rescue missions on all continents and demand continues to rise.

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The company recently secured additional growth capital of around 10 million Swiss francs. The Swisscanto Growth Fund joined as an investor in 2021 and also participated again in the current financing round. Zürcher Kantonalbank has held a stake in the start-up since 2018. The fresh capital will enable Fotokite to expand its customer base in the public safety sector, invest in research and development and capitalise on new market opportunities.

With help and advice

The milestone that has now been reached is the result of constructive interaction between Fotokite's management team, investors and the Board of Directors. This team has also guided Fotokite through turbulent phases characterised by challenges in the areas of management and market orientation. Nils Granath, Senior Investment Director, and Oliver Huggenberger, Deputy Head of Private Equity, have made a significant contribution to Fotokite's continued success with their expertise and personal commitment to the Board of Directors.

Flight lasting over 900 hours

The drones are manufactured locally at a supplier's production facility in Hombrechtikon ZH. The drone, which weighs just 1200 grams, is controlled via a tablet and can be launched at the touch of a button within 15 seconds. It can fly at altitudes of up to 45 metres - even in rain, snow and wind speeds of up to 45 km/h.


Thanks to the patented cable control technology, neither a drone pilot license nor a flight permit or GPS are required for operation. The simplicity and reliability of the drone is crucial for emergency teams, who are often under great pressure and whose success can make the difference between human life and death.


Power is supplied by cable. This guarantees uninterrupted flight operations until the end of the mission. In tests, flight times of over 900 hours were achieved - without the motors overheating. The drones are equipped with thermal imaging and RGB cameras and are therefore particularly suitable for various rescue and surveillance missions. This means that large areas can be optimally monitored not only during the day, but also at night.


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