Annual and half-yearly reports

Read our annual report and the company profile for the past financial year. The course of business for the first semester is published in August.

2022 Annual Report

With consolidated profit coming in at CHF 1.059 billion, we achieved strong annual results again in 2022. The appropriation of profit includes a dividend of CHF 491 million. Of this, CHF 331 million will go to the canton and around CHF 11 million will be used to cover the cost of capital for providing the endowment capital. Around CHF 160 million will go to the municipalities. 

2022 Annual Report (PDF, 5 MB)

2022 Annual Media Conference (PDF, 2 MB)

2022 Half-yearly Report

Zürcher Kantonalbank achieved a record result in the first half of 2022. All material income components were again higher on the comparable figures in the previous year. This growth led to a group profit of CHF 541 million.

The net result from interest operations amounts to an excellent CHF 650 million. This is an 8.4 percent increase on the comparable period last year (CHF 600 million).

The performance in commission business and services was likewise good. It reached CHF 473 million, 5.3 percent above the comparable figure in the first half of 2021 (CHF 449 million).

At CHF 211 million, the bank added to the very good trading result it realised in the previous year. This outcome was achieved despite the current corrections and uncertainties prevailing on the markets.

Overall, the bank increased its operating income by CHF 76 million or 6.0 percent to CHF 1,344 million, which is the basis for the excellent half-year result. Operating expenses, which amounted to CHF 765 million (previous year: CHF 737 million), grew less strongly by 3.9 percent compared with the previous year.

The excellent half-year profit is therefore CHF 54 million higher year-on-year and CHF 4 million above the best half-year result attained to date in over 150 years (2019: CHF 537 million).

2022 Half-yearly Report (PDF, 184 KB)