Spotlight on electric vehicles and batteries

In a video interview, Dr Manuel Renz and Dr Daniel Fauser provide information about the current development status of electric vehicles and their core component, the battery. How sustainable is the nascent technology and will it really be able to assert itself?

Veronika Müller-Wilmes interviews Dr Manuel Renz and Dr Daniel Fauser. (Video in German)

Cars with combustion engines still dominate the roads. But in many countries, electric vehicles (EVs) are already rapidly gaining market share – starting from a low level. The fact that EVs are already cheaper than conventional combustion engines over the entire life cycle of a vehicle contributes significantly to this market penetration. Dr Manuel Renz underpins this market-relevant news with interesting details and knows which companies are leading the way in this development.

In the interview, his colleague Dr Daniel Fauser covers the core component of electric cars, the battery. The production costs for batteries have fallen by 90 percent within ten years. This is the primary driver of why EVs are competitive today. In the long term, this cost degression will continue – despite a short-term price increase. This is due to technological advances and the use of new materials, as Daniel Fauser explains in detail. Clearly, this kind of growth opens up investment opportunities. But which of the emerging companies can withstand the rigorous fundamental analysis of our equity experts?

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