Dr Anja Hochberg

Head of Multi-Asset Solutions

Anja Hochberg assumed responsibility for all multi-asset solutions in Zürcher Kantonalbank's Asset Management as of January 2020. In this role, she successfully implements her motto: "Stay balanced!"

Prior to joining Zürcher Kantonalbank, she held various management positions at Credit Suisse since 2001, for example as Global Head of the Economics department, as Chief Investment Officer for Europe and Switzerland or as Global Head of Products and Sales, in the areas of research, asset management and wealth management.

Anja Hochberg studied economic history and macroeconomics in Berlin and successfully completed an advanced study programme at the Collège d'Europe Brugge. She holds a PhD from the University of Wales, where she also worked as a lecturer in global financial markets.

She also serves on the Advisory Board of the "Fund Women" in Germany and Switzerland, the largest network for asset managers in the DACH region, with the aim of strengthening the presence of women in the asset management industry.

On our blog and on social media, Dr Anja Hochberg presents the tactical asset allocation of Zürcher Kantonalbank's Asset Management on a monthly basis. She is also a media specialist on the topic of global financial markets, investment strategies and pensions. As a guest lecturer, Dr Anja Hochberg is actively engaged in ensuring close collaboration between research and business at various universities.

Blog posts

2024 – an investment year with two faces

In short, the outlook for the 2024 investment year is a difficult first half of the year with an onset of recession and significantly more optimism in the second half. Anja Hochberg explains in a video interview what this means specifically for the implementation of a balanced investment strategy.

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Fact check of investment trends in 2023

Just in time for the end of the summer holidays, Anja Hochberg, Head of Multi Asset, unpacks three investment trends set out at the end of 2022. She also looks ahead, identifies investment opportunities and addresses a mega-trend worth billions.

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Tactical Asset Allocation July 2023

Sentiment and positioning are more euphoric than they have been for a long time. We are tactically holding on to our equity underweight.

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Our three investment trends for 2023

Zürcher Kantonalbank's Asset Management defined three key assumptions for the coming investment year. Two of them are positive. But there is also a risk factor.

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