Key facts & figures and important information about Zürcher Kantonalbank.

The universal bank

Zürcher Kantonalbank is the bank that's close to you. We successfully position ourselves as a universal bank with strong regional roots and an international network.

With total assets of CHF 167 billion and more than 5,100 employees, we are the biggest cantonal bank in Switzerland and one of the biggest Swiss banks. We are the leader in universal banking business in the Greater Zurich Area. Our clients enjoy a wide range of products and services.  

Since its establishment in 1870, Zürcher Kantonalbank has been an independent public law institution (selbständige öffentlich-rechtliche Anstalt) established and existing under the laws of Switzerland and the canton of Zurich. Our public service mandate involves providing the population of Zurich with financial services, assisting the canton in fulfilling its economic, social and environmental obligations and adopting a responsible approach to the environment and society.

We operate more than 64 branches, the majority of which are in the canton of Zurich. We also operate at an international level in order to meet our clients' cross-border requirements.

2019 key figures

  • Group profit: CHF 845 million
  • Profit distribution: CHF 506 million (incl. anniversary dividend)
  • Return on equity (RoE): 7.2%
  • Total assets: CHF 167 billion
  • Net equity: CHF 12.3 billion